January 20, 2012

teenagers = drama

Now, I know that all of y'all have dealt with this in the past, but I had to deal with a stinkin' TON of it yesterday.

Mostly, I like my homeschool co-op Comm. Central, but yesterday was awful! A bunch of people were there, which made it louder. Three girls who are normally in the class weren't there last week, which gave me delusions of quiet-ness. And one of the girls knows the new girl from a previous school or something, which means that they can be loud together. Are you catching the sarcasm and annoyance? Good! They're like two strong winds that, when together, form a big, annoying tornado! Yeah, it's bad.

Anyway, I know this is kinda angsty, but what is a blog for if not to express yourself? I'll get over it, because I honestly do like going. *sigh* OK, I feel better!


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