January 28, 2012

funky colors and happy tears

So, I noticed that it's almost February, which shouldn't come as a surprise. It always comes right after January.

I went back and read my list of things to accomplish and things that I was excited about for 2012 a while ago because I want to keep them fresh in my mind. I might do that at the beginning of each month to see progress. Being on January, I haven't done any yet, but am closer to most of them! Except a job. I still really need a job, so I can have money, so I can spend it. *smirk*

If you remember, one of my resolutions, actually, the only one, was to drink a water bottle every day. I have so far, and am enjoying its good effects!

I also wanted to learn guitar.

I know a few chords and my fingers are getting a little bit calloused. No one would be able to tell but me, because I am trying to feel them! They hurt like billy-oh!

I also want to dye my hair a "funky color"!

Not all over! Heaven forbid. I know a few people, mainly in my family, *coughcoughparentscough* who would turn over in their...*thinks* beds? It wouldn't be acceptable, and I don't want to anyway. All that to say, I want to dye a very small part of it blue or purple or both. What do you think?

Thanks to Anna, I've already done this one! Oh heavens. *chuckles to myself because I know that whatever we were laughing about would make no sense to anyone else*

This one is coming up rapidly, which excites me a lot! w00t! Have you read them? Will you be going to the midnight showing?

bBj bids you farewell until next post

PS I found my ring! Yeah, the one that you didn't know existed or that I had lost a week after buying. I'm just happy about that!

Oh, I also watched this!

So good! It was my first Johnny Depp, with him playing a relatively normal character!

Ok, I'm gone for real now.


  1. Ahhhh! Finding Neverland is SO good! I just love it:) Such a sweet movie.

  2. Finding Neverland is a definite favorite! I love Kate Winslet!

    W00t w00t for learning guitar!!! That's simply smashing!!!

    Love your post!


  3. Yes, it is! I loved it. It is so lush! You know, the colors and Neverland in general!

    I will let you know when I can actually play a song, M!

  4. Drinking more of water makes a lot more difference than you would think. I have been drinking mostly water every day for around 3 years. :)

    And there is an award for you on my blog. :)



  5. Yay!!!! I cannot wait! How thrilling!!!!

  6. @James - wow! Dude, that's a ton of water! Yes, I agree, water does help with pratically everything. I drink milk all the time, and my family members are all tea snobs, so water's not super popular at my house! :)

    Thanks for the award! I appreciate it!

  7. I don't know how to play the guitar, but I've always though it'd be cool to be able to. For years and years I took piano lessons, though, and I've been thinking about starting to practice again...

    And laughing until you cry?? SO MUCH FUN!! Love it!!

    Plus, Finding Neverland is a great movie (love Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp, they're both favorite actors/actresses of mine) and I cannot WAIT to see The Hunger Games!! Let's just hope it follows the book as well as it seems to in the trailer. <3


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