September 27, 2011


You know how sometimes you have that decision staring you in the face? It's a monster that could prove to be good or bad. Could be big, like going somewhere and compromising everything you say you are, or something “small”, like choosing what to say. It's a fork in the road, where the two, or maybe three or four, various roads might all lead you to the same place, or very different ones.

I am not going to tell you the “three steps to making a good decision”, but here is something most people don't think of.

Maybe it's only one way?

There's most of the time only one decision to make: Will I do what I know is right?

You know you should be kind. You know to obey your parents. You know they have way more experience and only want to help you. Why is it so hard to “decide”? It shouldn't even be a decision, it should be a way of life.

Of course, you can talk about what should be all the time and never get anything done. Not only should you do such-and-such, but you have to! Your conscience will demand it.

Now I know that sometimes you have to decide between two things that are both right, that's a lot more difficult, and there's no one easy answer. But if you start with the black and white, gray will fall into place on the color wheel.

This is something that I've been dealing with and thinking about a lot lately.
~bbj *wink*

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