September 9, 2011

Questions Tag 3

Guess what? More interesting questions to answer!

Marval or DC?
I can't decide! Probably DC.

Rings or Necklaces?

Christmas or your Birthday?
"Christmas, Christmas time is here/ Time for toys and time for cheer!"

Mustache or Goatee?
duh, mustaches! It really depends a lot of different things on whether I like them in person!

Owls or Eagles?

Thanksgiving or Fourth of July?
Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Black Friday is a huge part of my Thanksgiving/Christmas celebrating!

Shopping: Fun or Annoying?
Fun, especially when you have money to spend!

Lightsabers or Blasters?

Smiley Faces or Hearts?
Smiley Faces!

Fedora or Flat-Bill?
Depending on who's wearing it, but mainly fedoras!

Nerd or Jock?

Spend or Save?
I naturally save as much money as I can. Wierd huh?

You get to do it again Qui! That's all folks! Signing off...


  1. I like goatees allot better than mustaches (but that's just my point of view.)


  2. I would have to go with Marvel and definitely Lightsaber over blaster! btw I am also a homeschooled Christian and all of the Star Wars movies is my number 1 favorites.


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