September 8, 2011

Questions Tag 2

Second group of questions:

Black or White?
probably black

Roses or Tulips?

Batman or Superman?
Definitely Batman!

Skirts or Pants?
Pants meaning jeans, yes!

Cell Phone or iPod?
as I don't have an "iPod", I guess that would have to be Cell!

Read or Write?
Read, but I want to start writing more.

Long or Short Hair?
I have long hair! Very.

Freckles or not?
I don't have many, but they're so cute!

Sunshine or Rain?
Rain, mostly!

Ponytail or Bun?
I'm always in a ponytail!

Pink or Red?

Pearls or Diamonds?
Um, diamonds are a girl's best friend, but Pearl is my birthstone... idk!

I tag Qui again! And once again, post your answers in the comments!


  1. Again I agree with you on most of them....messy buns CAN be cuter than ponytails, IF you know how to do it right(I don't.) Rain feels good and makes the temp go down but, I may like sunshine better! ( like right now! the weather is GREAT!!)
    Pearls are pretty but I REALLY like Diamonds!!

  2. White for me... good, clean, pure, light-hearted, ect. As far as weather - I love both in their place, but since many people dismiss rain, I'll insert here the delight I find in a good rain! :)


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