September 1, 2011

Boots of all types

So we all love boots, right? I like to wear them personally, but not as much as I like to look at them! It's almost funny how many different types there are. There are girly boots with pompoms, pirate boots, cowboy boots, and many others. Here are my favorites that I can think of or find pictures of! I know you're going to take them even if I say not to so... Feel free to steal these pictures! :)

Here are Batman's versatile boots (and entire suit!):

Here are the Han Solo boots of cocky-ness:

Flynn Rider's cool boots, unfortunately in a very un-manly pose:

This next one is my desktop background right now! (I think I stole this one):

IRL cool boots! Hope to wear some similar ones in my career!:

Jedi boots!:

Narnian boots!:

Pirate boots:


  1. I never saw this post before! How can that be!?!
    I love boot's!! I have 3 pair's! *happy dance*
    They are so cool and fashionable!
    (Dude! Love the pic of Han Solo!)

    Holt5 <3 (@)


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