September 12, 2011


I've been doing a lot of school.

Much more school than a normal person of my age should be doing! But, I've never been normal have I? :)

I've been longing for Christmastime.

I've decided that Christmas time should last for three months. Well, I think the people who plan when decorations should be available for sale stole my idea. Don't you? Yeah, I'm wearing a Christmas sweater.

I've not been going to the library very often.

Which makes me sad. No extra reading for me until I get number 1 under control!


I've been thinking about doing NaNoWriMo.

I'll need a little more information, a few better ideas, and a double-shot of patience. I don't know why the patience, it just sounded appropriate!

I've been poundering how to make my blog better.

Obvious why!

I've been desiring to get some odd jobs because I'm broke.

Why? Because I'm still broke, and will probably still be broke formorrow. Which, in case you were wondering, (I know you were!) is "forever and tomorrow".

That's about it! No it's not. Hold on, one more!

I've been wanting to watch The Prestige, Warrior, and The Phantom of the Opera. Should I do reviews after I do? Let me know!

Forever and Tomorrow,
billyBobjoe: O she who needs to make a signature...


  1. oh my gosh we're alike. both fangirls and owl city fans. i love the song vinalla twilight. been trying to play fireflies on my piano not working out 2 well. i'm aalya by the way. not my real name. :)

  2. I think you should write reviews I really like movie review. And thanks for following my blog and thanks for the comment. I posted your blog button on my side bar.

  3. Hi Aalya! Thanks for commenting. Are you on HerUniverse? just out of curiosity. :)

    Ooh, I'd love to learn how to play Fireflies, but i don't play piano very often!

  4. Yeah, JandJ i've been thinking about doing movie reviews... maybe I'll do one soon!

    thanks so much for taking my button! i'm so proud of it! if you can guess, i don't do much html!

  5. One more thing...
    could you guys maybe sign your comments by which one you are? it's a little weird trying to address everything to two people.

  6. I like the Forever and Tomorrow thing! "Formorrow" Can I use it????


  7. i saw phantom of the opera on dvd. the newer one though. with emme and gerald. it was pretty neat to be exact. i don't understand opera that well so the songs where a bit difficult to understand. i don't know what heruniverse is exactly. i do know that its a clothing line. is that what u mean? give me shout whenever. ~aalya~


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