September 7, 2011

Question Tag 1

This is a random tag of questions! I hope you likey!

Cheetos or Chips?

Music: Rock or Celtic?
Neither, actually.

Creation or Evolution?

Sneakers or Heels?
Probably sneakers!

Vanilla or Chocolate?
mostly Vanilla, but I love chocolate!

Beach or Mountains?
Beach! Sandy toes!

Sing or Dance?

Cookies or Brownies?
Chocolate-chip cookies!

Movies or Plays?
Rather watch movies, but rather be on stage!

Socks or Barefoot?
Barefooted all the time!
Basketball or Skateboard?
I wish I could skateboard... oh well, I Ripstik!

I tag Qui because she's how I got on the Blogosphere! Have fun! You can leave comments with your answers!

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you on everything but, the Sneakers and Cheetos.


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